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We hold all the memories of the universe


The human being is the last important being we know about to enter the evolutionary process. In addition to matter and energy, information also exists, which is stored in all beings as memory, and in us throughout the phases of the cosmogenic process.

In our memory lie the last traces of the big bang that gave birth to our cosmos. The archives of our memory hold the vibrations of the energy from the unimaginable explosions of the great red stars, whence arose the supernovas and conglomerates of galaxies, each with its thousands of millions of stars, planets and asteroids. There is also the resonance of the heat generated as the galaxies devoured one another, from the original fire of the stars and the planets that surround them, from the incandescence of the Earth, from the boiling of the liquids that fell on our planet for the 100 million years until it cooled (Hadean Era), from the exuberance of the ancestral jungles, reminiscent of the voracity of the dinosaurs that reigned for 135 million years, from the aggressiveness of our ancestors in their urge to survive, from their enthusiasm for the fire that illuminates and cooks, from the joy created by the first symbol and the first spoken word, remembrances of the softness of the light breezes, the diaphanous mornings, the precipice of the snow covered mountains, and, finally, from memories of the interdependence linking all beings, creating the community of the living, from the encounters with the other, the capacity for tenderness, surrender and love and, finally, from the ecstasy of the discovery of the mystery of the world that is called by a thousand different names, and that we call God. All that is buried in the corners of our psyche and in the genetic code of each cell of our body, because we are as old as the universe.

We do not live in the universe or our Earth as erratic beings. We come from the common uterus whence come all things, from the Background Energy or Nourishing Abyss of all beings, from the primordial hadron, from the top-quark, one of the more ancient tiny bricks of the cosmic building, up to modern computers. And we are sons and daughters of the Earth. More still, we are that part of the Earth who walks and dances, that trembles with emotion, and thinks, that likes and loves, that becomes ecstatic and venerates the Mystery. All these things were in the universe, condensed into our solar system, and only thereafter did they emerge concretely in our Earth. Because everything was virtual there, now it can be here in our lives.

The cosmic principle, that is, the directing energies that command, filled with purpose, all the processes of evolution, obey the following logic, so well expounded by Edgard Morin: order, disorder, interaction, new order, new disorder, new interaction, and thus it proceeds always. With that logic more complexities and differentiations are always created; and to the same degree are created interiority and subjectivity, until its lucid and conscious expression, that is, the human mind. And simultaneously and also to the same degree the capacity for reciprocity of all with all, in all moments and in all situations, is being created. Differenciation/interiority/communion: the cosmic trinity that presides over the organism that is the universe.

Everything is happening through process and evolution, subjected to a dynamic non-equilibrium (chaos) that always seeks a new equilibrium through adaptations and inter-dependencies.

Human existence is not outside this dynamic. It has within itself these cosmic constants of chaos and cosmos, of non-equilibrium in search of a new equilibrium. While we are alive we are always entangled in this condition. The closer we are to total equilibrium, the closer we are to death. Death is the fixation of the equilibrium and of the cosmogenic process. Or else it is the passage to a level that demands a different kind of access and knowledge.

How does this structure concretely manifest itself in us? First, in daily life. Each of us lives a life that begins each day with personal cleanliness, how we live, what we eat, our jobs, family relationships, friends, and loves. Daily life is prosaic and often full of disenchantment. Most human lives are restricted to the daily routine, with the anonymity that implies. It is part of the universal order that emerges from the lives of the people.

But we humans are also inhabited by imagination. Imagination breaks down the barriers of daily life and searches for the new. Imagination is, above all, fertile; it is the realm of the poetic, of the probabilities infinite in themselves (of a quantic nature). We imagine a new life, a new home, a new job, new pleasures, new relationships, new loves. Imagination produces the existential crises and chaos in the order of daily life.

Everyone has the wisdom to augment the daily life with the imaginary, the prosaic with the poetic, and to rework the disorder and order. Devoting oneself only to the imaginary, would be to take a trip, flying through the clouds, forgetting the Earth; and possibly winding up in a psychiatric clinic. One could also deny the seductive strength of the imaginary, consecrate daily life and bury oneself alive inside it, thus appearing sluggish, not very interesting and frustrated. This interrupts the logic of the universal movement.

However, when someone undertakes daily life, and enlivens it with injections of creativity, then a rare energy is radiated, that is perceived by those who live with that person

Free translation from the Spanish sent by
Melina Alfaro,,

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  1. Genoveva Coelho permalink
    08/09/2014 18:59

    Por favor prefiro continuar recebendo em Portugues, pois caso contrario não poderei desfrutar de textos de Leonardo Boff, que muito me acrescentam e tambem divulgo para meus amigos. Abraço de Genoveva



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