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Characteristics of the emerging new cosmologican paradigm


There is much talk today of the destruction of paradigms. But there is a great paradigm, formulated almost a century ago, that offers a unified understanding of the universe, of history and of life. We would offer some aspects of the thinking that characterizes it.

1) Totality/diversity: The universe, the Earth system, the human phenomenon are evolving. They are organic and dynamic wholes built from the networks of multiple diverse interconnections. Along with an analysis that separates, simplifies and generalizes, it is good to elaborate the synthesis by which we do justice to this totality. It is a holism, not as the sum, but as the totality of the diversities organically interlinked.

2) Interdependence/re-link/relative autonomy: Since one needs others to exist and co-evolve, all beings are interconnected. For this reason there is a basic cosmic solidarity that limits natural selection. But each enjoys relative autonomy and possesses meaning and value in and of itself.

3) Relationships/power fields: All beings are part of a network of relationships. Outside the relationship there is nothing. Along with the beings themselves, it is important to grasp the relationships between them. Everything is within these fields, therefore everything relates to everything else.

4) Complexity/interiority: Everything is charged with energies of different degrees of complexity and interaction. Highly concentrated and stabilized energy presents itself as matter, and when it is less stable, as a field of energy. Given the interrelationships among everything, beings are endowed with accumulated information, especially the superior living beings, carriers of genetic codes. This phenomenon of evolution shows the intentionality of the universe, pointing towards an interiority, towards a supremely complex consciousness. Such dynamism causes the universe to be seen as an intelligent and self organizing totality. Quantitatively, the process is indivisible, but it always occurs within the cosmic genesis, as a global process of the emergence of all beings. This understanding allows us to pose the question of a constructive thread that runs through the entire cosmic process that unifies everything, and that causes chaos to be creative and order always to be open to new interactions (Prigogine’s dissipative structures). The Tao category, Jehovah and God could hermeneutically fill this meaning.

5) Complementarity/reciprocity/chaos: All reality occurs in the form of particles and waves, energy and matter, order and disorder, chaos and cosmos and, at the human level, in the form of sapiens and demens. This is not a defect, but the mark of the global process. But they are complementary dimensions.

6) The Passage of time/entropy: All that exists pre-exists and co-exists. Thus, the passage of time confers on the relationships a characteristic of irreversibility. Nothing can be understood without a reference to rational history and personal trajectory. It is open to the future. This is why no being is ready and finished, but full of potential. Total harmony is future promise and not present celebration. As the philosopher Ernst Bloch put it so well: “genesis is at the end and not the beginning”. Universal history obeys the laws of thermodynamics: the passage of time, that is: in the closed systems (the limited natural goods of the Earth) entropy must be taken into account in considering temporal evolution. The energies are irremediably dissipating and no one can stop it. But the human being can prolong the condition of his life and of the planet. As a whole, the universe is an open system that self organizes and continuously transits towards higher levels of life and of order. They escape entropy (Prigogine’s dissipative structures) and open it to the dimension of the Mystery of a life without entropy and absolutely dynamic.

7) Common destiny/personal: Because we have a common origin and everything is interconnected, we all have a common destiny in an always open future. Within it must be found one’s personal destiny and that of every being, because in each being the process of evolution culminates. What this future will be and what will be our final destiny fall in the realm of Mystery and the unforeseeable.

8) Cosmic good/particular common good: The common good is not only human but of the whole community of life, planetary and cosmic. All that exists and lives deserves to exist, to live and to coexist. The individual common good emerges from being in harmony with the dynamics of the universal common good.

9) Creativity/destructiveness: The human being, man and woman, in the collection of related beings and interactions, has its singularity: it is an extremely complex and co-creative being because it intervenes in the rhythm of nature. As an observer it is always interacting with everything around it, and this interaction causes the collapse of the wave function that congeals into particle matter (Heisenberg’s indetermination principle). The human enters into the world as it presents itself, as a realization of quantum probabilities (particle/wave). S/he is also an ethical being, able to think of the pros and cons, to act beyond the logic of self interest and in favor of the interests of the weaker beings, and equally capable of attacking nature and destroying species (the new era of the antropocene).

10) Holistic-ecological attitude/antropocentrism: The attitude of unconditional openness and inclusion speaks of a radically ecological cosmo-vision (of pan-relationality and re-linking of the whole), surmounting the historic anthropocentrism. It also allows us to be more unique and, at the same time, solidarian, complementary and creative. In this manner we are in harmony with the whole universe, whose final end lies under the veil of the Mystery found in the field of human impossibility. The possible repeats itself. The impossible happens: God.

Free translation from the Spanish sent by
Melina Alfaro,,

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  1. 12/12/2014 20:35

    Dear LB

    I want to do just two questions about the text “Characteristics of the emerging new cosmologican paradigm”.

    I want to ask you the following :

    -this is a new antropocentric cosmological view ?
    -this is the new paradigm ?


  2. 14/12/2014 14:52

    Caro LB

    Uma notícia interessante :
    “El neoconservadurismo es la única ideología política existente en EE.UU., asegura el exsubsecretario del Tesoro, Paul Craig Roberts. En su opinión, los neoconservadores están convencidos de que EE.UU. es el país elegido para ejercer la hegemonía mundial y han sentado las bases de la Tercera Guerra Mundial.”
    E o Sr. sabe baseado em que se arrogan a tal, no “direito manifesto”.

    Gostaria de uma observação sua.


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