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Those who were defeated at the ballot box want to take power by illegal means


Amidst the present discussions about corruption we must unveil what is hidden from and overlooked by the less than critical eye. What is hidden? The persistent will of the dominant groups that do not accept the rising ability of the popular masses to attain the minimum benefits of citizenship, and want to keep them where the masses of the people were always kept: at the margins, as a cheap reserve army at their service.
The investigation by juridical police of the Petrobras crimes implicates large enterprises, the PT (Labor Party), and many other parties as well, the PPS, PMDB and the PSDB, who benefited with subsides and contributions to their campaigns. Why is the investigation being conducted in such a way that it only centers on PT members? The principal objective appears not to be condemnation of the crimes, which obviously must be investigated, judged and punished. But the PT is not alone in this entanglement. The majority of the large political parties are deeply involved. Which of them did not receive millions from Petrobras and businesses for their political campaigns? Why are the Public Ministry, the federal Police and Judge Sergio Moro not investigating them, since they purport to be cleaning up the country? Did any of those candidates sell their country homes, or any of their properties to finance their million-dollar political campaigns? They were financed by cashbox B, which is illegal, but considered a common practice in our low level democracy.

It is disingenuous and misleading to think that those organisms, including the various branches of the justice system, up to the highest levels, are not full of bias and ideology. Let the classics of ideology tell us. Among them, Jürgen Habermas and Michel Foucault demonstrated that no social space is immune to special interests, and therefore, to ideological discourse, and does not move without a purpose. The narrative of the golpistas emphasizes the supposed independence of these instances and their allegedly impartial character. Past and present reality reveal something very different.

A firm ideological purpose of the organs of power linked to the police, the judiciary and the Supreme Courts, carried out by private means of mass communication of national scope, of a well known conservative, if not reactionary and anti-popular, character, would serve as a link, uniting them, all of them, in order to guarantee a certain type of order that has always benefited them, and that now the PT and its allies has limited.

Why the systemic attempt to destroy the figure of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was taken by force to give a declaration at the Federal Police, after he had already done so three times? It is the perverse desire to destroy him as a reference point for all those who see in him the politician who came from the very depths of our country, a survivor of hunger, who finally, with his charisma, arrived at the center of power. Lula achieved the most important thing for a person: his dignity. The people had always been considered by the owners of power as good for nothing, ignorant and redundant plebes. Long suffering, Lula got tired of seeing his hope of minimum improvements frustrated. The conciliation among the classes, the tonic of our political classes, was always done to ease the path of the powerful groups and deny benefits to the people. With the PT, this excluding logic was eliminated.

Now we see the purpose of the classes that do not accept having been one day removed from power. They want power back at any cost. They have realized that they will not be able to do so through elections, given the mediocrity of their leaders and the lack of a project that gives hope to the people, the lackeys of globalized imperial power. They want to accomplish it by manipulating the law, creating hatreds and intolerance as never before in our history has existed to this degree. It is class struggle, yes. This theme has not passed. It is not an invention. It is a fact of reality. It is enough see what is being said in the social media. It seems that the gates of hell have opened for loud, dirty talk, for lack of respect, and the will to demonize the other.

Politics in Brazil now does not consist of ideological confrontations, of different political projects and different readings of our critical situation, that is not just ours, but of the whole world. It is something more perverse: it is the will to destroy Lula, to destroy the PT, and pit it against the people. They are afraid that Lula will return to complete the policies that benefited the great majorities, and gave them awareness and dignity. What the holders of power fear most is a people who think. They want ignorant Brazilians, in order to be able to dominate them ideologically and politically, and in this way, ensure their privileges.

But they will not accomplish that. They are so obtuse and lacking of creativity in their hunger for power that they use the same tactics used in 1954 against Getulio Vargas, or the 1964 tactics against João “Jango” Goulart. It was always about crushing the demands of the people for more rights, that implied reducing their privileges and making some democratic improvements. But times have changed. They will not prosper because there is already a rise in awareness and popular pressure that will cause them to be ridiculed, in spite of their mouthpieces in the mass media, true “creepy runts”, who gather the worst they can find to continue lying, distorting, and inventing dramatic scenarios, to destroy the popular hope and thus to return to power, by force, rather than by democratic rights.

But, no… “No pasarán”

Free translation from the Spanish by
Servicios Koinonia,

Theologian-Philosopher Earthcharter Commission

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  1. 10/05/2016 12:24

    Caríssimo Fr. Leonardo,suas análises são importantes, competentes,confiáveis…preciso elas! Peço que sejam em português ou em espanhol. Grata. Deus lhe pague. Peço sua benção. Marízia.


    10/05/2016 16:21

    Leonardo Boff, textos como estes somente me decepciona ainda mais. Nós todos sempre acreditamos neste projeto que o senhor fala, nessa ideologia. Sempre votamos no nosso Partido dos Trabalhadores. Mas, porque quando falam da lava jato e somente justificam que os outros partidos também fazem o mesmo? Tenho visto a lava jato investigando todos os partidos, inclusive o Sr Aécio Neves!. Porque em vez de falar isto não nos explica porquê os tesoureiros do PT cobraram tantas propinas? porquê as consultorias foram tão altas. Onde esteve as transparências dessas consultorias? onde elas estão? e os filhos de Lula? e a sua linguagem vulgar e as estratégias, e a FALTA de explicações transparentes? e as MENTIRAS? O PT não! era emblemático o que pregavam! Vou falar de novo: o PT se foi quero acreditar que sua ideologia nunca vai morrer. A explicação que quero não é de quem investigam ou deixam de investigar. Mas do que o PT, Lula e Dilma fizeram. Os projetos sócias foram maravilhosos, mas a situação que estamos está prejudicando principalmente estes pobres e, principalmente os trabalhadores.


    • Marizia Lippi permalink
      11/05/2016 22:31

      Desejo continuar recebendo os comentários e análises.O potencial do Sr. Fr.Boff e do Fr.Betto nos beneficiam, enriquecem. Posso receber por email. Grata. Deus lhes pague! Marízia C.Carmo Lippi. Estou frequentando a Igreja do Sagrado Coração de Jesus. Fr. César Kulkamp,ficou no lugar de Fr.Ângelo que voltou para Angola. Diocese de Petrópolis. 11/5/16.


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